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In February 2005, a group of Summit County citizens and leaders came together, recognizing the need for greater community participation. Our Future Summit (OFS) was born. OFS is a community outreach program that exists to stimulate thoughtful public dialogue around vital issues facing our community. With a focus on sustainability, quality of life, and common sense public policy, through monthly, public forums, OFS seeks to foster diverse and creative approaches that support Summit County's natural, social, and business environment.

The forums or roundtables meet on the second Thursday of each month. Topics center on key and current issues. Examples are: 1) Affordable housing, 2) Wildfire mitigation, pine beetles, forest health, and watershed protection, 3) Helping small businesses in tough economic times, and 4) Volunteerism in the faith-based community, non-profits, and the community at large.

Promoting communication, education, and collaborative solutions, OFS is a place to listen and to speak.  The typical evening includes a panel of experts and a moderator. Audience members have an opportunity to introduce themselves, ask questions, and voice opinions in a fair and reasonable manner.

Direct action has emerged from our forums. The Forest Health Task Force (FHTF) is an on-going example. This group meets monthly and implements annual Action Plans to promote and educate forest health projects and develop new uses for blue-stained wood. FHTF publishes the annual Forest Health Guide as a supplement to the Summit Daily News.

We invite you to attend Our Future Summit forums. All voices contribute to the well-being of our mountain community.

Join us for our NEXT FORUM the second Thursday of each month!

April 14, 2005: Forum

March 10, 2005: Forum

February 10, 2005: Forum

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Big Box Stores in Summit County

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