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Working to make Summit County a Better Place to Live for Ourselves and Future Generations



Join us for our NEXT FORUM the second Thursday of each month!

The foundation for Our Future Summit is the common ground we share namely, the goals on which everyone can agree. Our objective is to find concrete ways to achieve our shared goals. If we hope to succeed, it is essential that we never lose sight of our common ground. Here are several possible shared goals:

1) Health & Safety - Safe homes and highways. Good schools and health care. Strong families. A more secure community. Greater public involvement. Citizens and police better educated as to what makes us safe.

2) Economic Well-Being - Enough money to pay your bills, support your family and take a vacation. Who doesn't want that? Plus sufficient economic opportunity to enable children raised in the County to stay and raise their own families here.

3) Reasonable Government - Nobody likes high taxes, but everybody wants good-tasting clean water when they turn on the faucet. A common goal is clean water at a moderate cost. This generally requires reasonable government.

4) Sense of Community - We're all in this together. We need each other. We all have much to give and need a home larger than the four walls of our own house. Summit County can be that home.

5) Good Environment - Space, beauty and the opportunity to enjoy our great outdoors. To sit in peace and quiet in the wilderness. To hunt, fish, hike and recreate. To see the stars clearly at night. Can we find common ground to allow for all these activities without getting in each other's way?