Jan. 15th OFS Roundtable features local faith community dialog

January 15, 2009

A Meeting of Faith-Based Communities

Moderator Mark Hill

(Roll Call and Introductions)

Approximately 65 Attendees 

  • What individual churches are doing today to contribute to the well-being of the community

  • What would the community like to see in the future

  • How can faith-based groups partner together


  • Events

  • Projects

  • Programs

Current on-going projects:

Heidi Dickstein, Synagogue of the Summit

            Trail clean-up, Scholarships, Backstage Theatre

Ron Bristol, Dillon Community Church

Benevolence Group (help for living situations, money for subsistence), Food Bank, Scholarships

Kathy, St. Mary’s/Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church

            Timberline, FIRC, Transportation, Al Anon

Ann, Lord of the Mountains

FIRC, CASA, Food Bank, Legal Aid, West African Involvement & Financial Support, Schools

Don Parsons, High Country Unitarian

            Trail Clean-up, Scholarships, Social Impact

Chrisy Shain-Hendricks, St John the Baptist Episcopal Church

Monthly Community Dinner (transients, unemployed, young adults), Food Pantry/Staples

Tracy Hausman, Father Dyer United Methodist Church

Jail Ministry, Special Assistance, Mental Health, Food Bank, Arts Programs, Children’s Programs

Brian Moon, Youth Ministries, Dillon Community Church

            Assist & Help Parents, Healthy Alternatives, Snowboard Ministry

Deb White, Domus Pacis Family Respite

            Provides Retreat-Get-Aways for Cancer Patients and their Families

Rita Knapf, Sister from Summit Hospital, Pastoral Provider

            Provides Food/Clothing to (transient) Patients

Oumar Niang from Muslim - African Community

Started Summit County Mosque 4 years ago; community service directed toward their own community; monetary contributions to support extended families in Africa, to include when a member is unemployed.

White-Petteruti, Duck – Domus Pacis Family Respite

Provides Summit County homes as a week-long retreat in the mountains for those suffering from serious illness or trauma.  

  1. What Can Faith-Based Groups Do? What Does Community Need in the Future?

  2. Compilation of outreach information in one place

  3. Steve Hill, Asst County Mgr, participates in Care Council: to develop strategy to identify and meet community needs. Government cannot do everything.

  4. FIRC, Rob Murphy: suggests religious communities meet on regular basis to discuss sharing resources and programs and to identify needs.

  5. Sharon Russell, Executive Director Summit County Chamber of Commerce: sees a need for faith-based grief support groups.

  6. Community Care Clinic: in extreme need of help; organization is stretched.

  7. Debra Hagan of Rotary & Lord of the Mountains: suggests a joint venture of weekly or monthly community meals at a non-faith-based meeting place like Elks Lodge.

  8. John Minor, Sheriff’s Office: comments on duplication of services; would like to see more partnerships between the County and faith-based groups.

  9. Affordable housing partnership with faith-based community?

  10. Nancy Cook: suggests a community-wide resource database, website, a shared space to communicate.

  11.  Ben Helmke, leader of Alzheimer support group at Community/Senior Center: would offer educational presentation to community groups.

  12.  Sandy Greenhut: would like Hispanic community to participate.

  13. Anne Wardrop of Vail Medical Clinic: need for more mental health counseling and compassion.

  14. Don Parsons: opportunity for children to visit and understand other religious groups.

  15. How can resources be connected? Form a group? Does it have to be on a pastoral level?

  16. Father David Allen, St. Mary’s Our Lady of Peace: wants to expand Youth Ministries.  

  17. It is critical to identify specific projects and programs. Because there are diverse beliefs and dogmas, a specific course of action would benefit the goal of aiding the community. Unite by active endeavor like community meal.

  18. Global Summit survey – to identify needs of community

  19.  Mike Kermode will gather names and help provide communication between groups wanting to participate in faith-based community service.

  20. Howard Hallman: Our Future Summit could be used as a model, for good and bad. Have presented and implemented any number of initiatives.

  21. Need to build a platform of service.

  22. Is it necessary to understand/comprehend one another’s faith-based group?

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