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Public Roundtables: June 9/16/23 Water Series

Summit County Community and Senior Center, Frisco Commons

"The Science of Watershed Protection" Thursday, June 9th, 7-9 pm at the Summit County Community & Senior Center, County Commons in Frisco. With limited U.S. Forest Service budgets, can we really afford to protect both water supplies and homes?

Featured panelists include: Chuck Rhoades, research scientist with the US Forest Service; Don Kennedy, Denver Water; Eric Howell, Colorado Springs Utilities; and Jeff Lukas, Western Water Assessment. John Stednick, Colorado State University professor and water expert has also been invited.

"Stream Restoration" Thursday, June 16th, 7-9 pm at the Summit County Community & Senior Center. A look at past reclamation activities, largely by Summit County Open Space, featuring Brian Lorch; on-going activities in the Snake River Basin with Lane Wyatt; Forest Service restoration plans with Corey Lewellen; and Climax restoration activities with Bryce Romig.

"Protecting Our Water Legacy" Series concludes June 23rd, 11:30 am-1:30pm with a lunch meeting at CMC Breckenridge Campus. What if there isn't enough water? A look at the future of water starting with author and water investor Steve Maxwell (The Future of Water) followed by Eric Kuhn, Executive Director of the Colorado River Water Conservation District on the looming problems with the Colorado River. Closing with water attorney Barney White on the tools available to solve the problems and are they adequate for the task.