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Public Roundtable: April 14, 5-7pm

Summit County Community and Senior Center, Frisco Commons

Our Future Summit is a sponsor of what is sure to be an exceptional presentation by nationally-known health care expert Dr Margaret Flowers: “The Real Path to Healthcare Reform”.

Our Future Summit is honored to have Dr. Flowers as a guest while she is also visiting several other areas of Colorado to promote universal single-payer health care. Dr. Flowers is a courageous and articulate spokeswoman for a change in the way our health care system works. She will speak on how good healthcare can be made available to all of us.

Health Care for All Colorado is proud to be sponsoring her on this tour of Colorado. Dr. Flowers, a pediatrician by training, left her practice in 2007 to work on health care reform. She is a national board member of HealthCare-Now! and a Congressional Fellow with Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP). She was arrested at a U.S. Congress committee hearing when she demanded that Congress include a single-payer system in the debate on health care reform. She was arrested a second time attempting to deliver a letter on “Medicare for all” to President Obama in 2010.