June 11, 2009

Moderator: OFS Moderators: Howard Hallman, President, Our Future Summit; Karn Steigelmeier, Summit County Commissioner                                                                                

Attendees: 75  to include John Roberts, SC Planning Dept; Don Sather, BigHorn Hardware and building conservation activist; Thomas Davidson, SC Commissioner; Dan Burden, Walkable Communities; Jen Schenk, Copper Mtn. Environmental Director; Dave Miller, Keystone Science School; Nissa Erickson, Rep Polis; Kristin Dowling, The Greenlands Reserve; Cary Green, USFS; Chuck Dennis, CO State FS; Trip McLaughlin, NorthLine GIS; Jan Cutts, USFS; Kate Berg, SC Planning; Upper Blue, Lower Blue, Ten Mile Planning Commission members; Douglas Muschett, author (Principles of Sustainable Development).

The order of business at Our Future Summit was to develop a flexible definition of sustainability. This was done by input from each attendee; the end result was an accumulation of individual visions with no hard and fixed parameter. Rather, sustainability is a moving target, one to examine as the community moves forward.

A definition of sustainability includes: education, our youth, sustainable building practices and codes, keeping local businesses competitive and in business, green-living and practices, forest health, watershed management, biomass/alternative fuels, attainable housing, purchasing habits, fiscal responsibility, tourism, and retention of a local and diverse population.

Our Future Summit is a program of The Greenlands Reserve, Howard Hallman, President


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